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Medical Treatment/Physical Training Institutions

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Medical Treatment/Physical Training Institution

Medical Treatment Institutions

These institutions provide disabled individuals with medical rehabilitation services, including consultation, diagnosis, determination and treatment, as in-patients or out-patients.

Physical Training Institutions

These institutions support the disabled to improve their health or recover certain bodily functions. The appropriate conveniences are are offered therein.

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Medical Treatment/Physical Training Institutions list
Institution Name Address Tel
Chung Nip Polio Center 16-3 Guui-dong Gwangjin-gu 82-2-446-1237
Dongcheon Rehabilitation Sports Center 288-1 Hagye-dong Nowon-gu 82-2-949-9114
Gibbeun Uri Rehabilitation Sports Center 1466 Gayang-dong Gangseo-gu 82-2-3663-8114
Godeok Sports Center 126 Sangil-dong Gangdong-gu 82-2-427-9111
Jumong Rehabilitation Center 179 Sangil-dong Gangdong-gu 82-2-427-9734
Medical Center under Samyook Rehabilitation Center 722-19 Bongcheon-dong Gwanak-gu 82-2-871-3651
Samyook Rehabilitation Gymnasium 729 Jiwol-ri Chowol-eup Gwangju City Gyeonggi 82-2-761-3636
Samyook Rehabilitation Hospital 729-6 Jiwol-ri Chowol-eup Gwangju City Gyeonggi 82-31-761-3636
Samyook Sports Center 722-19 Bongcheon1-dong Gwanak-gu 82-31-871-3636
Seobu Rehabilitation Sports Center 191-1 Gusan-dong Eunpyeong-gu 82-2-388-6622
Seoul Gomduri Physical Center 51-0 Ogeum-dong Songpa-gu 82-2-404-6240
Seoul Leports Center 317-24 Godeok-dong Gangdong-gu 82-2-441-5001
Seoul Rehabilitation Hospital Seoul Rehabilitation Hospital 191-1 Gusan-dong Eunpyeong-gu 82-2-383-0916
Soccer Field for the Blind 88-10 Bangi-dong Songpa-gu 82-2-431-8881

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